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Top Design News complete 1 Month!

> http://www.topdesignnews.com/

Well, I had created Top design news to help everyone specially me, to find latest design news from all over the blogs, websites and forums for free. Top design news still in beta version hope to have a good time to develop it as a full structured one.

Before i created top design news i think to make a good website that updated instantly that helps me to find all design, creative and web development updates from all over the world which i can from 1 place find everything and open it in a regularly basis “at morning for example”.

Then i decide to  develop it as a  global website that can help more people to find everything from 1 place without searching or going to blogs.

The idea was simple but it works. and here’s sort of benfiets you can find in top design news beta version:

  • Latest blogs and creative designed updates
  • Updated hourly
  • Choose from a list of categories
  • Menu updated with the latest category post “sort by post count”
  • categories like: Print/Poster, Inspiration, design, tips, Outdoor, Web Design, Tutorials, Articles, Premium, Ambient/Outdoor/Direct, Illustration, Resources, daily inspiration, News, Videos, Development, WordPress, Italian Adv, TV/Film, Freebies, Typography, Sessions, tutorial, basix, tools, Web Roundups, webdesign, Workflow, php, iPhone, jquery, css3, photography, architecture, Photoshop, Coding, Theory, javascript, css, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Effects, Hardware, Inspired Release, showcase, free, HTML & CSS, ActionScript, tricks, logo, blog
  • you can follow top design news in twitter and check the latest news titles
  • a Facebook fan page also updated instantly as a small line in your most recent updates
  • RSS feed

Top Design News Created in 7.2010, So i hope i have more time to develop a full final version as soon as i can.. with more ideas and services.

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