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TESTO – Free CSS Foundation Template – Ver. 0.8

testo_free_css_foundation_template-trans> DOWNLOAD Version 0.8

TESTO is a free Three Column, Left and Right Static template from petermikhael.com. You’re free to use it for both commercial or personal use. I only ask that you link back to my site in some way.

Whenever I create a new website, I find myself going through the same routine: making a container including wrapper and side bars,  and then tearing out all the styling and unnecessary HTML before starting putting coding elements. It’s a process many of you probably go through; at least those of you who make your own themes.

Tested in

Linux Linux:

Firefox – Konqueror – Opera – SeaMonkey


Chrome – Firefox – IE4,5.5,6,7,8 – Opera – Safari

Mac OSMac OS:



Dillo – Firefox – Kazehakase – SeaMonkey


> jQuery Smooth slideshow (shadow box)
> Valid XHTML Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
> Cross-browser compatible FireFox 2, FireFox 3, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, opera
> Tableless design – Cross-Browser compatible
> Clean and Seo friendly code
> Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
> Fully working PHP contact form – just add your email address!
> Design is created using the 960PX Grid System (wide design)
> IE 6 PNG -Fix
> Favicon
> SEO friendly HTML code
> jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off

Older Versions:

> TESTO DOWNLOAD Version 0.6
> TESTO DOWNLOAD Version 0.5
> TESTO DOWNLOAD Version 0.4
> TESTO DOWNLOAD Version 0.3
> TESTO DOWNLOAD Version 0.2
> TESTO DOWNLOAD Version 0.1

Known Issues

This version, have internal scrolls in Netscape browsers (Navigator 8.1 – Navigator 9.0). (Fixed)

What can you do to help?

I need help from developers and the testing community to provide as much feedback as possible to make TESTO even better.

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