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Z production Website – Production House


Z production responsible for the development and physical production of new media, performing arts, radio, casting, editing, color correction, special effects and television programand documentaries. Continue Reading…

Nivo jQuery Image Slider – download ZIP file

> Download Now – nivo slider.zip – 347KB

Here’s a full version for  The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider i had ever see.. the full version include the all features and ready for implementation. zip file include the all needed files, jQuery, HTML, css..

template_preview Continue Reading…

Top Design News complete 1 Month!

> http://www.topdesignnews.com/

Well, I had created Top design news to help everyone specially me, to find latest design news from all over the blogs, websites and forums for free. Top design news still in beta version hope to have a good time to develop it as a full structured one. Continue Reading…

Dari Group Website

> http://darigroup.com/
> http://darigroup.com/index-decor.aspx
> http://darigroup.com/index-wear.aspx
Dari Group Website design and development. Released under management of PeterMikhael.com. Continue Reading…

Template No. : PM00027

Item number: PM00027

Type: CSS Static Full Site, CSS Full Site Flash 8, CSS Full Site jQuery Continue Reading…

President of Guinea, Moussa Dadis Camara Website

> http://lepatrioteguineen.com

Captain Moussa Dadis Camara official website design and development. Released under management of RUBICS Business Solutions. Moussa Dadis Camara is an officer of the Guinean army who is currently serving as the President of the Republic of Guinea’s National Council. Continue Reading…

Rounded Corners with JQuery and CSS

Do you thinking of creating curvy corners for your divs, images, unordered lists, etc?..i’ll give you the best techniques I used in all of my projects. I have used a lot of ways to create round corners, but I discovered a lots of new techniques and features. Continue Reading…