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Radiohaty Website

> http://www.radiohaty.com/
Radiohaty Website design and development. Released under management of yalladevelopment.com. template_preview

Radiohaty a  website that’s provide a full online radio station, presenting a different type  of channels.the idea itself build to  fetch different stations and present it through the web..

Website features

• Full site
• Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS
• Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
• Based on TESTO Free CSS Foundation Template. http://petermikhael.com/testo-free-css-foundation-template.html
• Cross-browser compatible, Tested and working in all major browsers
• Design is created using the 960PX Grid System (wide design)
• SEO friendly HTML code
• Powered by jQuery
• Favicon

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