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Dari Group Website

> http://darigroup.com/
> http://darigroup.com/index-decor.aspx
> http://darigroup.com/index-wear.aspx
Dari Group Website design and development. Released under management of PeterMikhael.com. template_preview

Was established institution Dare Bakhtiari Interiors Holy Capital , and after studying the fine art of the needs of high taste in interiors and what has been touched.

The scarcity of interior designers and those implementing the interior and foreign affairs in Mecca, a group of Saudi Council of Engineers and was under the management of:

Engineer / Adel Bin Ahmed Alhinaoi
(Director General of the Group of Dare, a professional civil engineer)
Eng / Iyad bin Ahmed Rhpini
(Deputy Director General, Power Mechanical Engineer)
Eng / bin Omar Suleiman Alhinaoi
Eng / Omar Bin Abd Al-Rahim Turkistani
(Interior designer)

Inaugurated the Foundation in cooperation with a group of professional engineers from sister States with expertise and good taste, and who have worked in this area by their expertise and talents of multiple supplementing the aesthetic touches in the interiors and Mzjoha decorations Saudi Arabia, which attracted many distinguished client who had expressed admiration for handling different and unique in the formulation of opinion and providing technical consultancy and quality and accuracy of the implementation of the business and service and knowledge of the future costs of implementing projects through direct contact or through our humble.

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• Based on TESTO Free CSS Foundation Template. http://petermikhael.com/testo-free-css-foundation-template.html
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• Design is created using the 960PX Grid System (wide design)
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