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Yahya Al Bishri Website

yahya_al_bishri _website_resizehttp://yahyacouture.com

Yahya Al Bishri website one of the most interesting project I worked in. under the management of RUBICS Business Solutions.

Yahya Al Bishri Born in Abba, Southern Saudi Arabia, on the 13th of August 1962, he had originally intended to become a journalist, and after working for a period of time in a press office, he realised that he had a passion for fashion design. Yahya’a destiny would take a sudden turn. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design in France followed by Italy, Yahya returned to Jeddah and open his first atelier of design

Website overview

When I worked in this website which is a personal portfolio for a fashion designer, I explore what some of the principles of fashion design are, before I can truly understand the depth of this occupation. With the principles of fashion design mastered, may be on my way to creating designs that surpass even the brilliant minds.

Increasing Yahya business

There is no better way to get your fashion design business the exposure it deserves then with a great fashion website. I’m looking to opens the doors to the possibilities of increasing Yahya business by the latest tools and techniques exists in the industry.

We all love fashion

One thing is for certain and that is people from all over love fashion and new fashion trends. Fashion exists in every aspect of life these days, magazines, movies, ads, etc.

Fashion websites should be elegant and functional

Also I try to set his fashion business up with tools that allow him to update his own product online, showcase his models, and help promote his brand or product online directly from his website. Start by design 3 different samples. Then start develops the approved one, Converted to XHTML/CSS with jQuery Lightbox and jQuery Thumbnail gallery slider. Finally I made a flash intro combined with a flash slide show component to show up the best designs of him. The web design solution I develop for him is a custom one and I take great pride in working with Yahya one of the top names in the industry.

Not only web design helps Yahya in the fashion industry. RUBICS Business Solutions.services for models set the industry standard to impressive looks and functionality. Custom model web development solutions allow for visually impressive online galleries, unique spec systems, and content delivery sure to impress.

Website features

• Full site
• Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
• Tested and working in all major browsers including IE6
• Tiny slideshow
• Clean style
• Professional design
• Design is created using the 950PX Grid System (wide design)
• SEO friendly HTML code
• jQuery Lightbox
• jQuery Thumbnail Gallery Slider
• Flash intro
• Flash Slide Show Component
• 3 languages
• Guest book

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