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The Mind Of The Green Apple

Okay.. Let’s make some flash stuff. Depends on the green apple of the original website design. I’ll explain every page individually in further steps.

But I’ll explain the whole idea first. So I start with the green apple then slice it to 4 slices. Every slice have a main link (Home – artwork – about me – contact me).

The landing page contains 5 elements:

Logo and slogan
The apple
The animated background of the apple
The exploded ideas (light bulb)

When u hover on any slice you get the link expand horizontally and represent the instead slice content.

After you click on the slice a rotated page expands and represents the content.

Home page: represent welcome part (my existing companies/work) and latest of my work Art Work: represent a photo gallery of my latest work including 2D/3D/Web About me: represent my IT skills and freelance services list which I provide. Contacts info: represent my contact and a worked mail form.

Still in beta version. hope to add some stuff soon.

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