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Tarek Nour TV Website

tarek_nour_television_2009_website http://www.tareknour.tv/
> Video POINTNOUR’s campaign for TNTV

Al Kahera Wal Nas is a new Channel by TNTV a company under Tarek Nour Comunications. tarek_nour_television_2009_website_videotarek_nour_television_2009_website_tony_khalifatarek_nour_television_2009_website_chicken_newsAl Kahera Wal Nas, has succeeded in attracting an Arab audience and capturing their attention through its bold, light hearted and unusual programs that are broadcast in addition to popular drama series.

Tarek Nour Television campaign overview

POINTNOUR (http://www.pointnour.com) is a full service digital advertising agency under the mother company, Tarek Nour Communications. We can tell you about our strategic thinking, our great ideas and our global reach, but our real difference lies in our approach.

As Digital Advertising Agency POINTNOUR presents TNTV as one of the pioneer TV channels that goes DIGITAL. An integrated digital campaign for Al Kahera Wal Nas was developed. TNC and POINTNOUR decided to reach the untapped segment and compliment the other media vehicles by going DIGITAL.

POINTNOUR providing services like: SMS, MMS, Mini Call, PCM, WAP micro sites, Vodafone live banners, IVR 2020, Retail Receipts, Interactive Banners, SEO (search engine optimization), Online PR, Opt-in –email, Social Networking, Campaign management, You-tube videos, Websites, Micro sites (landing page), Google ad words

Tarek Nour Television Campaign Approach

1. SMS
Target: A Class Sending time: 7,30 pm, right after Iftar

2. Websites

3. Facebook group

4. YouTube channel

5. Twitter

6. Flash Banners
• Feesh wa Tashbeeh (Lamis El Hadidy)
• Lemaza? (Tony Khalifa)
• Bab El Shams (Rula Jebreal)
• Chicken news
• Qahwa sada
• Al Hakeeka Al Ghaeba (Soad hosny)
• La sosta
• Hadf Bahr (Sumaia el khashab)
• Ebn el arandali (Yehia El Fakharany)
• Afra7 eblis (Jamal Soliman)

Website features

• Full site
• Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
• Tested and working in all major browsers including IE6
• Clean style
• Professional design
• Design is created using the 974PX Grid System (wide design)
• SEO friendly HTML code
• jQuery Lightbox
• Flash Banners
• jQuery plugin for photo gallery
• YouTube API for latest channel videos

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