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Tarek Nour Communications Website Award

tnc_award_2008Egypt Web Award 2008


Advertising and Production – Silver

TNC Wins First Website Award - TNC Official Article

Egypt Web Awards aims to serve as an inspiration, archive and at the same time reward creators for their skills so that they continue to improve it. It is also to promote the innovative spirit of web designers to meet professional and international standards, to promote intellectual and production opportunities, as well as to develop an interactive proactive and reactive community that aims at providing recognition to this e\sector in the most superlative way.

Furthermore, Egypt Web Awards is an encouragement for all sectors to showcase their websites and be more involved in the IT. Through Egypt Web Awards, participants have the opportunity to widen contacts and networks, foster co-operation, enhance knowledge, build capabilities and exchange information, Egypt Web Awards is a platform for creative people to showcase their works and attain market recognition. and website owners in Egypt.

The EWA was created by Mr. Pierre Mcurls in Lebanon as a local event in 2004. After its significant success, the idea was adopted by other neighboring countries now including 11 Arab countries. The EWA begun in Egypt a year ago. The EWA is a member of the Pan Arab Web Awards which recognizes the best websites in all 11 countries.

There were 138 competing websites in 38 different categories. Tarek Nour Communications’ website www.tareknour.com was one of the participating websites in the Advertising and Production category and was awarded the silver trophy. While announcing the award, the host said “we cannot mention advertising without mentioning Mr. Tarek Nour.” This award is the first website award for TNC.

TNC’s website tareknour.com is based on an original design. Its concept was created by TN’s creative IT Services, developed by IT Development and optimized. There are two different versions of the website; Flash and html. The original concept of the design started in pencil and paper, after that it was converted into a (2D) art design, then a (3D) art design and finally a flash animated design. The website has various layers with four distinct designs, three static ones and a dynamic one.

The Website combines all the different Ad Agencies, Communications and Media Services under TNC and each one has its own page. It provides news, insights, work and information of the whole group. Moreover, it contains the recent ads done by the group as well as some old ads. The strongest two points of the website are TNC news and the videos.

Organized by; Egypt Web Academy.

Sponsored by; TOYOTA, YellowPages, Tegara Net, KEMET.

In Association With; Microsoft, ITIDA, Toyota IT Division, CIT.

Supported With; Toyota IT Division, CIT.

Media Sponsored; CIT2Day, Raye7 Gaay, Alam Rakamy, Sok El Asr Magazine.

Official Contact Cented; Teleconnect.

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