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The Mind Of The Green Apple Game

Continue with my project the mind of the green apple. I start to make a new flash game. Eating apples is my idea. Actually I got the idea when I’m driving. It has 3 frames long. Continue Reading…

The Mind Of The Green Apple

Okay.. Let’s make some flash stuff. Depends on the green apple of the original website design. I’ll explain every page individually in further steps. Continue Reading…

Tarek Nour Communications Website Award

tnc_award_2008Egypt Web Award 2008


Advertising and Production – Silver Continue Reading…

Tarek Nour Communications Website


Tarek Nour Communications website it’s a big project which I worked on it. for about 6 months i started developing this website. Continue Reading…

Gameat El Ber Website

gamaet_elber_website_1 It’s a design for admin area which the client can manage and categories all his website easily. i’m start to using a red one with some artistic work. Continue Reading…