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Secure 3D Logo

secure_3d_logo_videoIn this title i’ll give u my process for creating 3d logos rapidly and easily .. are u looking for creating 3D logos like pixellogo.com. that’s easy .. follow my instructions and you will get what you are looking for ..secure_3d_logo1: logo concept – first i’m sketch my logo on a white paper ( it’s give me a good space and imagination to get what i’m looking for)

2: Modeling the 3D logo – start to model your logo in 3D package ( i’m using maya ) making it nice and also it’s should be have a different depth style to not looks like a flat object or 2D

3: Texturing – now we gonna to texture the logo by nice colors ( i’m also like to use from 2 to 3 colors which make my logos looks nice and corporate ) tip: i’m actually using different materials with the same color for example here i’m using red + white phong – red + white blinn + red + white mental ray mia_material.

4: Lights – now start to setup the light effects – i’m using area light, point light and spot light with shadows. they are represent my logo very nicely

5: Rendering – rendering 3 different images ( 1 with the blinn material + 1 with phong material + 1 with mia_maerial )

6: Saving rendered images with TIF format – with alpha channels.

7: taking this 3 images and start to blind them together in photoshop

8: i’m using overlay to represent the logo with the 3 different images i have rendered – convert to smart object ( to can resize them safely for using it in a print or something )

9: finalize your work by adding shadows – background effect.

10: it’s ready for your client now :)

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