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RUBICS Business Solutions Website

> Video RUBICS website design – Behind The Scenes

RUBICS Business Solutions website a full 2d/3d website design from scratch.

rubics_business_solutions_website_videoDepends on the same technique of my tutorial (3d Logo Design behind the Scenes) the project fill the gap between 4 different software, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The success of any digital agency, and indeed your clients, can depend on getting the right brand design. However, you could probably get a friend of a friend to build your site, but would you really be happy with the result? Would you end up changing it again a few months later when you realise it simply isn’t up to the task in hand? Most likely yes – is it therefore good value for money…NO!

The role of a High End Creative Design Agency is to be the expert. We do this day in day out and make a living out of it – yet there is still this one remaining hurdle to overcome with a lot of people.

RUBICS Business Solutions is a professional services company established to provide various services any company might require at any stage of its lifecycle and with any budget capacity. RUBICS was inspired from the Rubik’s cube, the game which bears a resemblance to aptitude; prescience, endurance, and long term planning that are considered the most necessary characteristics in any successful business.

Website overview

Basically my mission is to understanding the client and competitors. Whoever international or regional competitors. I start reading a little bit about The Rubik’s Cube. Which is a 3-D mechanical puzzle each of the six faces is covered by 9 stickers, among six solid colors (traditionally white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow).[9] A pivot mechanism enables each face to turn independently, thus mixing up the colors. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be a solid colour. Similar puzzles have now been produced with various numbers of stickers, not all of them by Rubik. The original 3×3×3 version celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2005.

Website techniques

The designs I create are nearly all based on the 976 px Grid System. So, before I begin I make some sketches to define the elements positions, and how the layout should be. I mention in my drawing that I’ll make a 3d logo animated in my web page.

Second step is to converting everything I created in paper to a real 2d design. I start by using Photoshop to clarify all the elements including menu, 3D Logo, content and other stuff.

Depends on the Rubik’s Cube idea I modeled the logo in Autodesk Maya. Start to texturing, animating, lighting and end with rendering and make 3 different animations sequence (FLV videos) played randomly when the page is loaded. Also I animate the menu with a nice smooth transition for sure using Adobe Flash.

Finally with Adobe Dreamweaver using CSS Styles which is the easiest and best way of formatting text in a web site. I used 3 different CSS files. The first one by resetting my entire website and the second to style the layout and objects. The possibilities are endless when you use style sheets. Finally I got a full 2d 3d flash tableless XHTML/CSS website.

Website features

• Full site
• Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
• Tested and working in all major browsers including IE6
• Clean style
• Professional design
• Design is created using the 974PX Grid System (wide design)
• SEO friendly HTML code
• jQuery Lightbox
• Flash Menu
• 3D Logo Flash animated
• jQuery plugin for accessible, unobtrusive tabs

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