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Rotated 3d Box With Different Versions

flash-object-resized--expands-over-your-html-contenttemplate_buy template_preview template_customize Okay… That’s a fantastic idea to make some flash work and sale it in http://www.flashden.net.

I start to make a 3d box in Autodesk Maya and make the animation then go to render this box with Maya Victor (1 with the outside stroke – seeing behind and 1 without seeing behind ).

Also 1 sequence of pngs ( using Mental Ray in Maya ) also with using motion blur to give me a nice rollover effect – finally I add all this to Flash convert them to movie clips and add some AS to this movie clips to Rollin and roll out when rollover.

It’s actually take from me 1-2 hours – I hope i can make nice work with flashden.

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