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OLYMPIA Health Club Website

OLYMPIA Health Clubhttp://www.olympia-center.com/
OLYMPIA Health Club website. Released under management of RUBICS Business Solutions.

Olympia was established in 1999 as The Health Promotion Center at Fakeeh. It serviced many patients from our hospital during their rehabilitation. During this time the center noticed that many people not affiliated with the hospital or the rehabilitation program were interested in using the facility for their own person fitness regime. Olympia was born. Olympia is now the largest and most successful fitness center in the kingdom.

Website features

• Full site
• Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
• Based on TESTO Free CSS Foundation Template. http://petermikhael.com/testo-free-css-foundation-template.html
• Tested and working in all major browsers including IE6
• Professional design
• Design is created using the 960PX Grid System (wide design)
• SEO friendly HTML code
• jQuery Shadobox
• Flash Header Slide Show
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OLYMPIA Health Club
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