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El Sharkawy Group Advertisement

magmoaet_elsharkawy_advs > http://questelsharkawy.com/
Start to make ideas for El Sharkawy Group. I start with sending a message to the person who will buy the car by only prize for 4 ipods = down payment of a Hyundai accent. magmoaet_elsharkawy_adv_1magmoaet_elsharkawy_adv_2magmoaet_elsharkawy_adv_3magmoaet_elsharkawy_adv_4magmoaet_elsharkawy_adv_5Then repeat the same idea with 3 digital cameras and 2 Swiss watches.

The second 2 ideas I explain El Sharkawy have new type of Hyundai cars come to the earth. The final one was the car comes with some spot lights. To focus in the new prices and generation in El Sharkawy stuff.

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