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About Me

peter_mikhael Birth date: 04.27.83
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Education and Work College: 6th October University – Faculty of Engineering – Computer Section – Graduated ’06

Employer: Envato Network

Position: Exclusive author
Time Period: September 2008 – Present
Location: Australia Landing, MS
Description: http://themeforest.net/user/petermik

Employer: LINKdotNET

Position: Creative Web Designer / Animator
Time Period: June 2010 – Present
Description: http://www.linkonlinecorp.com/

Employer: Tarek Nour Communications

Position: Web,Graphic Designer / Animator
Time Period: January 2008 – March 2010
Description: http://www.tareknour.com

Employer: RUBICS Business Solutions

Position: Senior Web Designer
Time Period: January 2009 – Present
Description: http://www.RUBICS.net

My IT Skills

ActionScript, Adobe Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Advertising, Apple, Creative Marketing, CSS, Dreamweaver, Email Marketing, Fireworks, Flash, Flash Games, FreeHand, FrontPage, Games, Google, HTML, ImageReady, InDesign, Internet, Internet Marketing, jQuery, Macromedia, Marketing, Maya, Microsoft, MS Visio, Multimedia, Pay per click, Photoshop, Product Marketing, Project Management, Project Planning, SEO, Usability Testing, W3C, WCAG, Web 2.0, Web Analytics, Web Design, Workflow, XHTML, XML.

Hello and welcome to my personal site.

So a little history. I see myself, these days, as a little bit student. In all time I see myself a student because that’s any application or work in the computer design or programming or any other, must study alot to be a beginner, user, professional.

When I was 13 my parents give to me a computer. I just wandering how the mouse worked ?! and how the courser moves from here to there. and also in the computer which I have it’s have a windows 3.11 (workgroup windows). it’s have also an office and from office and paint I’m gonna make some shapes polygon, circle, and etc.

When I was 18 I moved to Cairo. have a personal computer, start making shapes by Photoshop, start animated it by flash, and make my first website.

After that I’m going through a multimedia and using cool edit and multimedia builder and make a presentation cd’s, some sound works, and I also make an audio CD about 6 tracks. which my friend help my with his keyboard sound maker to make this album.

I make a lot and a lot of sites but I think, to come through more and more profession in web design I must start programming in something like php, asp.net, and others┬ábut I don’t like programming or coding. so what I going to do ?! ..

Actually I think a lot and I see my self work in a lot a lot of things in the same time. and I think to be a specialist in something of that I have worked u must come through it and learn it as I can.

Because I’m really like a designing, I see that the best and the very high designing is the 3d designs. I saw some 3d films and some visual effects works. I like it and search on the internet for sources to start 3d works. I start use some tolls to get a represented 3d shapes (template Shapes) but I see that’s not good one.

Also I’m start to sketching some of characters and convert it from 2d to 3d models and start texture and character setup and also go through the high quality designs.

In 11-2003 I start to make my own work with a little clients. start registering domains and hosting spaces and built websites for them.

In the time between 7-2004 to 5-2006 I’m working as a freelancer website designer – and multimedia interface designer in some companies such as Mediates Agency ( http://www.mediatesagency.com ). and ITSC ( http://www.e-postserv.com )

Time between 5-2006 to 7-2007 i stop working for last year studying in my college. In parallel i study some character designing – anatomy for artist – 3d sculpting.

In 7-2007 I’m working as a CG Artist in NTS company (http://ntsit.net) and I’m starting to make some work contains 2d/3d designs, Web designs, printing elements.

In 9-2007 I’m working as a CG Artist in Cha-International company as a freelancer ( http://www.cha-international.com ) and I’m starting to make some work contains 2d/3d designs, Web designs, printing elements.

In 15-1-2008 I’m working in Tarek Nour Communications ( http://tareknour.com ) as a CG Artist .. In IT department head by Mr. Tarek S. Khalifa ..

In 1-9-2008 I became an Exclusive author in Envato Network( http://themeforest.net/user/petermik ).

In 1-11-2008 I start to make my new own business which is FaceTemplate. FaceTemplate ( http://facetemplate.com ) is a part from petermikhael.com services. FaceTemplate website templates, flash templates and other products are ready-made web designs, that can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality website. Our website templates, flash templates and all other products are completely customizable and ready for immediate download. At FaceTemplate I do our best to provide you with web templates design of premium quality.

6-1-2010 Moving to LINKdotNET (LINKonLINE) as a creative web designer / animator.. looking for more challenges, bigger team and new technologies.

So my artwork… hope you like it. :) thanks for visiting.


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